Lost Profile, Playlists


Lost Profile, Playlists

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 I was previously logged in to Spotify via Facebook, with a Premium monthly subscription.

Today, I changed my email address on file with Spotify. Now I can't get in to my original account, as it was linked to Facebook, which I no longer have.

Everything is gone, and I want to get it back.

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Re: Lost Profile, Playlists

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Hi @Dolfan515,


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Since you're not seeing your playlists, I recommend you to double check this article to make sure you don't have a second account.


If your Premium account was created with Facebook, even if you don't have access to your profile anymore, you can try to reset your password here. You'll need to enter your email address connected with your Premium account.


Once you have reset your password, you'll then be able to access your Premium account from now on with your original email address and a new password.


If that doesn't work, please take a look here.


Hope this helps! 🙂

Re: Lost Profile, Playlists

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Thank you! Spotify was able to help me last night. All is well!

Re: Lost Profile, Playlists

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Hi @Dolfan515


I'm glad your problem was solved, if you need anything else, let me know! 🙂