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Hoping for some technical assistance from a Spotify employee...   About 2 years ago, I created my Spotify account using my primary email address and I decided to upgrade to Premium.   My job changed I needed to lower my expenses so I cancelled my Premium service which closed my account entirely; not what I wanted to have happen.  I tried to get my account re-opened as a Free account but I couldn't get it done easily and I was busy and time slipped by. 


Fast-forward to today and I miss my playlists and Spotify experience.  The system won't let me use my previous email address and I can't get my password reset because I am not 'in the system.'  Catch-22.  Just to get to this forum, I've had to create a new account with secondary e-mail address I rarely use.   I don't know if my previous account can be resurrected or if my playlists and songs can be linked to my current account.  I was hoping a Spotify employee could assist me with this.  Anyone able to help me?  I prefer not to post my previous account's email address in this post.

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Im sure a spotify employee would be happy to help you. But in order to get in touch to with one you need to fill out THIS FORM. you will recive a reply soon!


Hope this helped!!!


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Hey there @Bluto87,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind that when cancelling your Premium subscription, your account just reverts on our Free ad-based service after any remaining Premium time runs out. Further, we only allow one account per email address. That would explain why you're having troubles signing up for a new account, if your old one is still open.


In that case, you can still follow the steps here to log in your old account and get reunited with your tunes.


On another note, you can close an account you have any time by following the steps provided here.


Let us know how you get on :)


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