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My Apple ID won't link to my spotify account

My Apple ID won't link to my spotify account




US of A


iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1


I have tried multiple times to link my Apple ID to my Spotify account and it won't work. I have tried what it says on their help website (Spotify Help) and it simply won't work. I contacted their support and they told me to ask this community. If this does not work I shall ask their Twitter. 

Thanks in advance!




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I have the same issue!

thats the funny thing with that: if i click "bei spotify registrieren" i have to create a new account or create an account with facebook, but there is no apple login button. it only appears on the login page, but there i am not able to login with apple because it says i have to create a new account because of this email is already used....

nice it 😉 - its a bit annoying.... that such a "simple" thing does not work as expected. was there no beta test?...

Okay I as well had this problem n was searching for answers n this is what did work for me good luck,I uninstalled  spotify went back redpwnloaded it,it automatically signed me in so then I logged out n then bck in and after that it ask if wanted to connect account Thank God it worked

I have the same issue as @TheSoulrester. How do you fix this and will you ever get it working 

I read the whole discussion here and none of what you say has worked for me even when I did everything as asked.I guess,I'll stick to Apple Music and now no more Spotify Premium plans since I can't link my apple ID.

TLDR; use the ios app not the website


Start by checking email matches apple ID email.


Logout of the iPhone app. Then log back in on my iPhone using login with apple button gave me the prompts to link.


Can confirm I tried multiple times using the website with no luck. Just a big old red error message saying the email is not linked to your Apple ID email. No prompts nothing. 



Hello Guys,


I always have this error when I try to login with my AppleID: 



Both email are the same (AppleID and Spotify account).

All my apple device are up to date. Do you have any idea please ?


Yes, this worked!

Thanks for this. I absolutely hate how generic "customer service" posts are. It's as if they halfway put instructions into an AI bot, then told it to quit learning. Your method worked and was straight to the point.

This worked! Thank you. I can't believe it took me 30 minutes just to connect an existing account to Apple



Country England



MacBook 12” and iPhone

Operating System

(iOS 17.2 an macOS Monterey)


My Question or


Newbie question: registered for Premium on MacBook - how can I link my iOS account in the app?


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