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My account was hacked too!

My account was hacked too!

I doubt spotify will even care about this but i wanted to report it. My account was hacked! some idiot was using my account 

I have a unique username / pwd for spotify it doesnt link to google or fb and is only used on 3 devices (2 iphone and 1 Mac) each of these are protected by virus / malware and intrusion detection sw. However someone managed to get into my account delete ALL of my playlists etc add aload of Gansta Rap playlists wipe my devices and use my premium account for a few hours until i found out. obviously i signed everything out  changed the UNIQUE password to a new UNIQUE passwrod etc.


I personally believe this breach must have come from Spotify's servers and not external as the info is unique to them. Unfortunately in this world we're plauged with cyber crime and that wont change for a long time. As i said i doubt spotify will do anything about it but if they do please look at this feature request:


Im greatful that there is a feature to restore deleted playlists however not all of my playlists were on the list to restore plus im stuck with going through this idiots poor music choice deleteing all of their music from my account. It would be better to have a restore account to specific time so all of my stuff could wipe over the idiots stuff. This is not hard to achieve in any type of db which im sure spotify use to keep our data. 



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Hey there @manningcarl!


Sorry to hear this!! 


I recommend reaching out to Spotify Support so they are aware and can research your account. They can be reached through their Twitter Handle @SpotifyCares, Facebook Page Spotify Cares, or through the online contact form.

If you submit the contact form instead of the Twitter or Facebook Message, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.

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