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Forgot password - email account no longer in use - how to reset password?!

Forgot password - email account no longer in use - how to reset password?!

I have been aan happy spotify premium user for few years now. I use it both on my laptop(macbook) and iphone (5s)

Recently I needed to reinstall  my iphone and thus needed to reinstall my spotify app as well.

This is where my problem started: I forgot my password so I clicked the forgot my password option.

I received no email so I tried again, and again: no email. It dawned on me that I might have an old email address listed for my spotify account.

Luckily (I thought) I could change my email by using the desktop version on my laptop.... but no! Long live security: in order to change my email I need to reconfirm my password.....


So now I am in a loop: I have forgot my password but the reset link is send to an (not active anymore) email account. I want to change my email account but I need my password....


There must be a way to fix this but I just don't know how! HELP PLEASE!


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Hi there!


I recommend reaching out directly to Spotify Support. With this anonymous online contact form, you can reach them without subscribing to / having access to a Spotify account or the email that was used to create that account.


They can also be reached through their Facebook Page SpotifyCares or their Twitter Handle @SpotifyCares.


If you use the online contact form instead of Facebook or Twitter, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.




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