Name suddenly changed to device username

Name suddenly changed to device username






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(iOS 11, Windows 10)

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After downloaded Spotify for PC and logged in by email and password, my name (previously same as Facebook account's name) suddenly changed to device username (I checked in this section). From that, when i logged in any device, my previous name also changed. 

I tried to logout and login again through Facebook, (I even uninstalled Spotify app on Facebook and reinstall again) but turned out not worked.

Besides, my Privacy Settings always allow Spotify to process my Facebook data.

I feel really uncomfortable seeing my name a long weird string without no synced profile pic from facebook.

Please help. Thank you.


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Try linking your facebook acount again.

Make sure you authorise the Spotify app link on your facebook.

Hope it works

Hey @hgb123.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Check out this page to see what you can do next in this case.


Alright, let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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