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No me puedo logear en mi dispositivo android. REALMENTE MOLESTO.

No me puedo logear en mi dispositivo android. REALMENTE MOLESTO.

Plan: Premium

Country: México

Device: Sony Xperia X

Operating System: Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Se actualizó la app, hizo logout de la app y cuando quiero entrar no me permite porque la app estaba en modo offline. Lo peor de todo es la respuesta de la cuenta de Twitter de spotify cuya solución para todo es desinstalar y reinstalar la app. Obviamente perdiendo toda mi musica descargada y teniendo que descargarla de nuevo. A partir de esto me surgen varias dudas:


1. ¿No existe un área de QA que valide las actualizaciones antes de liberarlas?

2. Si existe el área de QA, ¿Van a despedir a alguien por crear problemas al cliente por una "omisión" de este tipo?

3. ¿Porqué el area de sistemas no ha resuelto ya el problema con una nueva versión?

4. ¿Porqué el area de ayuda es tan deficiente y deja mucho que desear?

5. Todavía me queda la duda de que alguien realmente vaya a buscar una solución que no implique molestias al usuario (cliente) final.


Lo peor es que justmente el pasado fin de semana estaba elogiando el servicio de Spotify diciendo que era un gran servicio y hoy tengo que pasar por esto.


Espero realmente obtener una respuesta satisfactoria y seguir teniendo la misma percepción del servicio a pesar de este problema pues en redes no he tenido mas respuestas a mis preguntas.  

2 Replies

Hey there @luigifer_29,


Thanks for reaching out about this and welcome to the Community!


We hope you don't mind us replying in English, as it's the Community's official language.


If you haven't already, we'd suggest trying the following: when you get the Please go online to connect to Spotify, just hit cancel > delete password > re-enter your password> log in.


Just to confirm, could you let us know if this issue occurs when using the Spotify app on a different mobile device with your account? If it only occurs in your Xperia X device, we'd recommend making sure that your device is up to speed with the latest software updates.


If you're still having troubles after trying that, we'd recommend making sure of the following:

  • Spotify is set as an exception for any cache-clearing or battery optimizing apps.
  • Your device isn't rooted.
  • Check the app is up-to-date.
  • Your device should have at least 250MB available memory (you may want to remove any unnecessary files and apps).
  • You've tried logging in over a different internet connection. If it works with another connection, we recommend contacting the service provider of the original network for more information.
  • You haven't downloaded music to more than 5 devices. You can check this on the Offline devices list
  • You've been online with Spotify at least once in the last 30 days. 
  • Check if your SD card (if your device has one) has become compromised (dislodged, corrupted, etc.). We'd also recommend checking it for errors. You can find out how to do that by checking with your card's manufacturer.

We'd also recommend trying one more time to perform a reinstall the app on your device. However, this time, we'd suggest following these steps for a clean reinstall instead:

  1. Head here and click Remove all devices
  2. Go to your Spotify settings, scroll down to Storage and then clear the cache
  3. From the Android home screen, tap Settings > Apps
  4. Find Spotify in your list of apps, tap it and clear the cache and data. Then select Uninstall.
  5. Find "" folder using your file manager app installed on your device and delete it. 
  6. Switch your device off and wait a couple minutes.
  7. Switch your device back on.
  8. Open the Google Play Store then search for and install the Spotify Music app.

If that still doesn't do the trick, it'd be helpful if you could let us know if the issue persists after logging in to your device with a different Spotify account.


Let us know how you get on 🙂 We'll be right here if you need more help.

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Reinstall the app is not an solution, it's just a trick and shows your incapacity to solve the bugs into the app.


It's the last time I'm going to reinstall the app, next time I'll uninstall it and look for another option to listen to music that does not affect the customer's experience when there is an update.


I hope you take into account my complaint and REALLY solve the problem and do not resort to TRICKS.


A very annoying customer.

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