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Non Profit Account

Just wondering if there was someone at spotify I can email about getting the non profit account approved.  I submitted one in October and then just submitted another one.  I haven't heard back from the one in October so I am worried this isn't even worth doing.  I just wanted to send an email to the non profit department one last time.  





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Hello @secretlygiving, welcome to the Spotify Community!


I escalated this to support, you'll hear from them soon.

Hey @secretlygiving,

Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


Right now, our Partners team are only able to reply to successful applications. If you haven't received a reply after 6 weeks, then unfortunately it seems like the application was unsuccesful.


If you feel passionately that this is something that should be considered further, please send me a Private Message with more info on your request, the country you're located in, and a contact email address.


Thanks 🙂

We have a nonprofit swing dance group. We would like to set up a Spotify account. That being said, we can really only afford the student rate at this point. We currently have license to play music for our events through National fast dance Association. So everything is legal. We just would love a discounted way to help dancers search for music. We love Spotify and a lot of our individual dance students use it. Most of us are not college students therefore do not qualify for the college discount. But if our group grows, we would love a way to have an account for our community with Spotify. And it would be a good idea for all the other swing dance communities as well. There's a lot more dance communities out there and then you think including salsa clubs, swing dance, and ballroom dance clubs. 



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