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Offline, can't sign back in

Offline, can't sign back in






Huawei p20

Operating System



My Question or Issue


My account was in offline mode and my account got signed out. Now I can't sign back in because a message keeps popping up saying that I'm offline and that I need to go online.  Of course this makes no sense because I can't go 'online,' without signing in.


5 Replies

Hey @93tamba,


That's odd. Have you contacted @SpotifyCares yet?

They might be able to help.


Let me know.




Hey @93tamba.


Just wanted to follow up on what @ListenToGlobal suggested:


Have you tried going to your account settings in the app (it's the cog wheel in the top-right of your screen in the Home tab) and toggling off Offline Mode?


If that doesn't work, send us a screenshot of the error that you're getting and we'll see what we can suggest next 😉

Hi Peter, 

I have the same problem as @93tamba and thsi issue doesnt allow any access to spotify functions, all you're given when clicking the app is the login screen with the different methods of signing in, none work and when trying to login with email you're then promted with a "recover account" message. I use the offline feature everyday and I get logged out and locked out nearly once a day now.

Hey @RobbieDTS and @93tamba,


I did some digging and found out that this is a known issue, and that while there currently isn't a fix for it, there is a workaround, which is mentioned in this thread.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.


Hey Peter, you Spotify Legend You,

I notice that this message noting there "currently isn't a fix" for this issue dates from 2019.  Are you effing kidding me?  This happened to me today and the workaround you mention does not work.  This is totally unacceptable.  Please make this a priority.  It needs to be fixed.  FFS.


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