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On the day of unsubscribe, spotify gets money from my bank account

On the day of unsubscribe, spotify gets money from my bank account

Hi folks, as you read the title. It actually says it all.

I've been a time member of spotify but never premium member. Since the action was that premium costs 1 euro for three months, I was joined. Three months had passed and I forgot to write me off of spotify premium so I again had paid for a month.

Month is passed and on date '13-4-16' they would again write money of my bank account. I have me on 13-4-16 signed out of spotify premium and yet they taken 10 euros from my bank account, and the worst is that I now have no spotify premium despite they have taken 10 euros from my account. Is there a possibility that I can get my money back? 

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Hey there @iTommyBoy98 , welcome to the Spotify community!


You should use the contact form if you want to ask for a refund so that a member of the Spotify staff will look into this and check your eligibility for one. Just remember to make sure to reply to the automated reply directing you back to the help pages, even if it's a no-reply! Support usually gets back within 24-48 hours.


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