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Play all songs

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(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Under the new library I no longer have the option to just play all my songs. I have playlist, artist, and podcast. What happened to"songs"? I want to listen to all my music not just specifics. Can someone help??

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Hey there @Djcool22,

thanks for reaching out !


If you refer to the "Liked" or "Saved" songs you have a tab called "Liked Songs" where all your songs are stored.


However, i recommend checking out this Spotify help page on getting to know the new UI.


Hope this helps 🙂

Same here! Does that means the all songs now is called “liked songs” ? For future uPdates it would be great to receive a summary of the main changes, specially when a whole option disappears. For the first time, I thought of searching iTunes music. Just spent 30 min searching Spotify site to find out where was the “ all songs “ option !! Very disappointing!

Hey @raquelmsampaio,

thanks for commenting !


Same as other users, you can visit the idea section of the community and implement your suggestion of getting notified there.


This way users can add their +VOTE and comment to promote your idea.



I seriously can't stand this new update. Really frustrating. 

I am sorry, being advised when an existing feature is removed for something you actually pay monthly, it’s not an idea is ver simple good customer service!!

It seems that Liked Songs are both Saved Songs and Liked Songs that used <3. 


This is one big thing Spotify could improve: the UX confusion between Save and Like. 

Then it’s worse than I thought because then there is no way to randomly play your songs

After more investigation it seems that now 'Like' and 'Save' are the same.


Playing 'Liked Songs' on iOS will play randomly all saved songs. 


However there are still some missing songs.

- iOS says that in 'Liked Songs' I have 6,981 songs

- exporting my 'Songs' list from desktop yields 7,133 songs.

So around 2% of the songs are not in Liked Songs. Maybe because these are songs that were pulled out of Spotify by production companies. I cannot tell.


Still, it looks like they now have merged 'Saved' and 'Liked', even if it's poorly implemented in UX:

- heart sign in iOS is a check mark on desktop

- 'Liked Songs' on iOS 'Songs' on desktop

- If I play a Daily Mix, a song that was Saved but not Liked will show

    - a heart in iOS

   - a inactive heart in desktop


I guess desktop hasn't caught up yet haha. 



What gabaix has said is spot on. The new "Liked Songs" is the old "Songs" list from where you saved by clicking on a plus sign. In the past there was some confusion as we were able to heart a song and also save/add a song. Now they are one and the same. You can shuffle this list as you did before, it's just now found under playlists.


As to songs being missing like gabaix described, I have not noticed this. But I have not done any thorough testing.

Yes you can, you just select the "Liked Songs" and shuffle play is the default play button. "Liked Songs" is your songs.

I had more than 28 000 songs before the update. Now, I only have 8 734 songs in "Liked Songs". Thank you Spotify for f***ing up my one and only playlist. It took me years to collect this stuff, and now it's just gone!!!

Angry customer >:-{

Although it’s a hasstle you are really determined to shuffle all song, you will need to like all the songs and then play the “liked songs” playlist Spotify makes for you. I know this is annoying but it is a way to get it done:)

I've just recently started using spotify. Not being able to play the entire library makes this app absolute garbage, now im doubting if I should have got the paid plan. Playing all of the songs, regardless of whether you downloaded an album or saved them in a playlist is a no-brainer function and pretty much any other app has this function, just not spotify. Whoever designed it this way is a braindead I really hope you change this, as I do not want to go over thousands of songs and click like for each of them.

Exactly this! So Spotify, Where are my songs in "NOT LIKED SONGS" ??
No wonder Spotify struggles economically, when they cant make a simple meny like this (well, they had, but removed "MY Library" Which contained ALL my songs, both "liked" and not)

No, its not the same. 

Now all your songs that is not "LIKED" will NOT show up on yout totals list (only in their specific albums/playlist)

You can use this browser plugin to build a playlist with all songs from all saved or liked albums. That's pretty close to the old My Songs tab.



You can use Chrome extension to create playlist with all artist's songs:

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