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Premium Account not working suddenly

Premium Account not working suddenly

After using Spotify from November as a Premium-user, since some hours a premium-use is not possible anymore. I've bought a subscription with UNIDAYS (12 months, per month 4.99€). Every month they've drawn-in their money and I didn't change anything. If I check my Spotify-account online in browser it tells me that I use Spotify Premium, but it will end on monday (30.03.15), that's what made me wonder first. If it would end on monday I should still be able to use it today (Saturday 28th) and today. Starting a new subscription in this account for premium is not possible, surely because Spotify tells me that I'm still using Premium. And the second thing is: Why does the subscription end on monday if I made it for 12 months? That does not make any sense. Both my iPhone and my Mac tell me that I use Spotify Free now, I've already restarted the applications, signed in, signed out, shut the devices down, but all that changed nothing. 

I use Spotify in Germany.


So is anybody out there who has got the same problem or knows how to repair it?

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I have the exact same problem, just a few moments ago my premium account isn't working anymore, though the website says that I do have premium (have been using premium for months now),, 

Seems like a technical issue? Hope it's fixed soon, I need spotify for this evening.

Man i'm so happy i went here to see this post. Same problem as you others describe. Please fix this as soon as possible, we want to party with music TONIGHT!

Yeah - exact same problem, here, too! I even tried to upgrade again, but it doesn´t work at all. I think/hope, it´s a technical issue!!!

same in here

Hey guys, this is a known issue currently.


Check out this thread:

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Great, thank you 🙂

I have the same problem!!!! 😞

Same problem,


I even opened a new account with new credentials. I guess I have two accounts now 😞


I have been with Spotify for more than 5 years, all the sudden I was pulled out from Premium to free and got a message “ won’t be able to join my current plan” I have lost all my music!!!! I have never changed anything in my account. I tried to search for help and it says that I created or logged in Facebook to create another account and it pulled me out. I have NOT changed anything, my music is LOST!!! Am considering going with Apple Music cause I felt pushed back, neglected and have no help. Please let me have my account back!!! 

Hey there @njrjavier,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear that this has happened. We'll do our best to help 🙂


Note that even if your subscription is cancelled (If your payment fails or if you're removed from a Family/ Dup plan) all your Liked songs/ Playlists/ Albums etc. will remain intact. 


If you can't see any of you playlists in your library you're most likely logged in to a duplicate account. 


The best thing to do is reach out to our customer support team through one of the channels here. Explain to them what has happened. If you provide them with receipts or proof of payment, they should be able to find your original account and explain what has happened with the subscription.


Hope this helps.

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