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Problems with NatWest bank payments?

Problems with NatWest bank payments?

My last payment for Spotify Premium didn't work and I cannot pay, card keeps being refused.


I see at least three similar posts on Twitter from people who have had the same thing happen recently with NatWest bank.


One person on Twitter says it is even happening with a direct debit so apparently not just a card issue.


Is there an error with NatWest refusing payments to Spotify?


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Any comment from Spotify on this issue?


It is only affecting Spotify, it is not a NatWest card issue.


I can no longer subscribe to Spotify after many years as a subscriber.

I have the exact same issue cant pay by Card or Paypal Spotify rejects my payment I was already speaking with @SpotifyCares but the only response I got from them is they are working on the issue...

Still not working.


Still no reply from Spotify, either here or to the support issue I raised many days ago.


Still people reporting the exact same problems on Twitter.

Yup, just had the same issue with a Natwest card.

Also I though spotify kept you on Premium for a few days after a payment faliure, got 'Paused' straight away with this, no music 😞

Hi! Welcome to the Spotify Community. I'm terribly sorry to hear about this.


I'm with NatWest too, but I'm recieving no problems. I'll check with a couple of other friends who are with NatWest (and who also subscribe to Spotify) and I'll get back to you soon.


If I don't respond in a couple of hours, feel free to send me a PM or email me at



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