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Attempted Student Account - Didn't have school info -- card being charged without premium

Attempted Student Account - Didn't have school info -- card being charged without premium

Good Morning,

I attmepted to create this student account for my girlfriend who is going back to school but I didn't have her school information as she hasn't decided where yet. I backed out of the process at the School information screen and attmepted to cancel this BUT my card is being charged AND we don't have the premium service. I'd like to have the charge refunded and the service remain "free" until she decides the school and gets all of her information in. Can you advise on how to fix this?

I've filled out the contact us paperwork but I am not sure the email I got back means you'll be fixing anyhting. I took it to say "use these other customer service options". Please either turn on the premium service so I can cancel this and only be charged for this one month, I understand it may have been my mistake signing up too early, OR please refund the charge and keep the account of the "free" status. Either option will work for me but I just don't want to be charged for a "free" service anymore. I'll be happy to cover the current month and cancel myself or if you can do that for me and refund, that would be amazing too. Sorry for the long run on sentance.


Thank you!


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Hi! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


May I ask what country are you in? By the sounds of it, I'm guessing the USA, but I just want to double check.



JOEBOT, lovingly handmade by MattSuda - I'm not the only sexy rock star, there are plenty of others that are happy to help you out. Just look for the star by their name.
I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF SPOTIFY AB. I am just a thirteen year old child trying to help out. I am not paid to help or say any views of Spotify AB or any of it's affiliates, so the least that you could do is share some kudos, or, if I helped you out, mark my post as a solution. It makes me all fuzzy inside

Correct in the US of A. Just frustrated with the fact that the payment is coming out but I don't have the option to cancel online OR the premium service. Anything you can do to help would be awesome. Thank you!

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