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Rogers Share Everything

Rogers Share Everything

I am a Rogers accountholder and I recently got Spotify Premium which I can share with 2 other people.

I cannot figure out how to share or give them spotify premium though.

Someone please tell me the exact steps how. 


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Having a similar issue here.
I've activated the Spotify membership on Rogers side and completed the following:

Added mobile number to my Spotify profile
Selected my type of phone (iPhone)
Unable to change "Mobile Service Provider" (Dropdown menu cannot be changed from "Please Select")

Solved.  There should be a "Register" button/link located below your Spotify choice on the following page:

Click "Register" and log into Spotify, your account should now be Premium.

Assuming the option to add more Numbers/Accounts is located on the same Rogers page, but unsure as I only have a single line.

The option to add more numbers or accounts is not there. I don't know how to add someone who is not another line on myrogers account.

HELP pls

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