Scam Songs?


Scam Songs?

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While playing music on Spotify, I've recently been redirected to the same two songs; one of which is called Leoni Jut - I'll Be There. This song was released 15th November on Deezer and Spotify and is the only song in the album. As you can see from the screenshots, they both have no fans on Deezer, both posted the songs on the 15th of November and both have 1 song albums at #100~ in the UK charts. This song has been forced into my accounts, at random and often when Spotify is 'open' and not playing anything. In addition, when the song appears, the media player shows "" In Search, implying I'd searched for ". There is as I mentioned another song called Josh Hips - Read. The same happens with this song and as outlined by the screenshots, it's a 1 song album with no other songs on their account, made on the 15th of November. I'm well versed in using Spotify and I know it has nothing to do with shuffle or anything else. I'm not sure what it is but I assume these aren't 'real' artists.


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Re: Scam Songs?

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I think Spotfy is using our account while we are offline to get more "viewers".

I'm very frustrated with that.

I found a lot of people with the same issue, and the official communication from spotfy is, we need to change our password.

But, no one is using our account, because is always the same musics and playlists.

Spotfy need to stop doing this to us or fix this problem.


Re: Scam Songs?

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Maybe a test by spotify? I doubt it, this just seems like easy money from views.

Re: Scam Songs?


Hey @Glitchma and @RodrigoKazuma,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We can guarantee that no accounts are being used by us to generate plays. There is however different mechanics implemented that suggests songs you will probably like. Some examples are the Discovery Weekly, Release Radar and the Daily mixes. If you are a Free users we might even place songs in your playlists. Songs you will probably like of course, and songs you can remove from the playlist.


Another possibility is that another person is using your account. Perhaps on a device you forgot to log out. In these cases we suggest you take a look at this page.


Hope this clarifies some things. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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Re: Scam Songs?

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It's still happening, and it's nothing to do with anyone accessing my account with my password/login.


Re: Scam Songs?


I also had this problem with the "I'll Be There" song and one other that I can't remember. I could immediately tell it was something fishy. I also checked out the artist page only to find the same info as you: recent addition to spotify, only one song, no bio, etc. And the song was just the words "I'll Be There" repeating over and over again for 3 minutes straight.

At first, I thought I had accidentally changed the song while listening to my music, but then it kept happening and I knew something was wrong. I'd be listening to music and it would change back to that song on its own. One day I just paused it and it started to play again, and I'd keep pausing it but it would just play again and again and that scared me. I got "hack" vibes but my password was not the issue. It eventually stopped happening, but I've also since noticed that the song and artist are no longer on spotify.