Setting up a Device Password


Setting up a Device Password


I want to deactivate my facebook because it's a distraction so I read that you can set up a device password to log on to your account if you have premium (which I do). I have the username that spotify gave me and I also received the email and clicked on the link. I typed in a password and they both matched and I tried multiple different ones from different computers and devices too but I still keep getting the same error message.


"There was a problem setting your password."


It doesn't go into any more detail and I've tried googling solutions but I can't find any that are helpful because I want to be able to deactivate my facebook for awhile but I don't want to lose any of my play lists or anything like that. Please help 😞

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Casual Listener



I had the same problem and seem to have a resolution.



  1. Log into Spotify on a web browser
  2. Log out all of your Spotify devices (there is an option to do this)
  3. Set a device password - you will be sent an email
  4. Open the email and click on the link
  5. Set the password and wait for the error message "There was a problem setting your password" - Ignore it.
  6. Log into Facebook and deactivate your account
  7. Log into Spotify on your devices using the device ID and password - you will find that although there was an error message it actually does work.


Hope this works for you.