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Somebody has hacked into my account and changed the password.

Somebody has hacked into my account and changed the password.


I tried raising a support ticket, but it's been a few days with only one response from Spotify saying a specialist will respond soon..... they haven't.

Basically somebody has hacked into my account and changed the password, email and phone number associated with the account. I can still use the account because I can login with Facebook, but my music keeps stopping and I keep getting warnings that I'm active on too many devices. I've tried changing the details back, so they can't get access, but I need the original password to do this which has been changed.

So, seeing as it's taking a few days to get a support response, would it be possible to just completely delete the account or at least get a password reset so I can revert the account details?

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Hey Chodda,


Sorry to hear this.  I am checking this for you now.





Have you been given a case number? Please reframe from sending more than one help tickets via the contact form.

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I am on this case now.  I will be sending you a reply to your email contact in a few moments. 

Hi! I have the same problem. someone hacked into my account, changed my password and email. how do i get control of my account back? my email address is 

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