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Spotify Family, address issues

Spotify Family, address issues

Spotify family isnt letting one of the members of my household join, even after they had been linked to the account previously. As of now, everytime she tries to use her link, it says that it cannot verify her address.. can anyone help?

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Hi @DuncanE!


Welcome to the Spotify Community, we're glad to see you're part of the band.

Don't worry, our Accounts team can take a closer look at this. You can get in touch with them from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook. Just send them a private message with your account's email address and username.


You can also use our Contact Form to get email support.

Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.

As i can quote from another post with the same question as me:


Hello Julian,

We apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Under the terms of Spotify's Premium for Family offer, all users are required to live at the same address, which you provided to Spotify upon taking the Premium for Family offer.

It sure does

From time to time, we ask members of a Premium for Family subscription to verify that they are in compliance with those terms. As you've been able to confirm all members of the plan live at the same physical address, we've made some changes backstage which should allow you to rejoin.

We all sure did answer the request ....

To do so, you'll need the Administrator of the Premium for Family subscription to reinvite you as a member. Once you accept the invitation, your Premium features will be restored.

It sure doesn't work ...

If you prefer, we can transfer all the contents of jxxx to your new account, and close it afterwards. Just let us know which option you prefer.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions regarding this. We'll always gladly assist you.

All the best,




I totaly dosent get it as most of us use our own 4g connexion on each of our cell phone.... it would be much proffesional to fid a way on your side to deal with your own tech and stop anoying your clients....

and now ?? how long it will take for the support ?? do i have as mentioned by another customer reset all account as everyone to recreate a new account and migrate all the librarys ??


I got the same issue too. I tried many times to reinvite and verify the members I had previously but its not letting me to... What a terrible experience Im having here...














I am also now having this same issue.  Really awful experience by Spotify.  Feels purposefully difficult. 

 Hi Guys, 


Im having the same issue since 2 weeks, my Peer Ignacio Perez sent me the inv in serveral times but I m still can be added to the family, 

can you please help me? 




You have to customer service and ask them to reset something on their end.
Then, have the primary person resend the family invitation.

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