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Spotify friends activity empty/not updating


Spotify friends activity empty/not updating







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For several months (pretty much years at this point), my Spotify friends feed has not been updating, it only shows 1 friend I have, while it should have a dozen others. This has been going on for far too long for it to be a problem on my end as I have changed my devices, settings, and other things to try and fix it. I have reinstalled Spotify and my OS but nothing helps. I also see no friends through my Facebook integration even after disconnecting and reconnecting my Facebook profile multiple times. All my settings are the same as my friends and he can see his friend activity but I can't. I already posted about this problem once, and was told it would fix itself but that was months ago. This is very infuriating as it has been going for so long.

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We have seen the reports of people saying Friend Feed is not working for them, and we are happy to investigate specific cases, because as far as we are aware, there are no issues with Friend Feed working.


Firstly, it’s important to restate that ALL users had “Share my listening activity on Spotify” turned off as default - so users you followed and saw in your Friend Feed in the past, will no longer show in your Friend Feed, UNLESS they turned “Share my listening activity on Spotify” back on. 


Also worth noting that you don’t need Facebook set up for Friend Feed to work.


Having said that, all of the below must be true for users to show in your Friend Feed:


  • You must be following the friend whose activity you want to see.
  • The friend must have enabled the setting to publish their activity:
    • Share my listening activity on Spotify - toggled on.
  • The friend must have played more than 30 seconds of a track on iOS, Android or Desktop in the last 7 days.
  • This can’t be in a Private Session.
  • Also you should both have restarted the App at some point recently.


If all of this is true for you and your friend and they don’t show up in your Friend Feed, then:


  • We need you, and the friend you are following, to post here saying you give us permission to check your accounts.
  • We need explicit written permission from both of you.
  • We can't test this with one person's username and permission.  
  • It’s enough to post here, we can find your username based on your Community profile. 


Once we have this we can do some checking. Thanks all.

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Here is our permission 


Since some time I do not have any social activities showing up on my Mac.
Anyone with help here or the same issue?
Checked all settings, obviously.

@user-removed can you have the other person please post in this thread to say it's ok thank you. And can you confirm that everything I stated that needs to be true, is true for the both of you? And also, what exactly is happening? Is it you that cannot see them, or is it they that cannot see you, or both? Thanks.



@kpwxx I am also invested in this! As far as I'm aware the settings don't need to be changed on all devices. But of course if someone is saying Friend Feed is not working, and they are sure all the things I said need to be true are true for them, then why not check those settings on all devices, and if they're not toggled on, toggle them on and then see if it works. If it does, then I can go back to our internal teams and report it and we can investigate further. 

As you say i am confirmed all you statement and tried every solution you mentioned. But it still happened.

Actually only my account can’t see other friend activity. But my friend can see mine. Like this: 

B8A74C48-234D-4FF9-AB39-2388E37E5B7E.jpegAnd i see this in my Spotify:


Even i reconnected facebook/re-enable the friend activity function, it shows this. 
You can see i am already followed someone on facebook.


And when i back this page, it will return this page:


 Check out my first post that I explained the problem more detail!

@user-removed can you please have the other user post here to confirm that everything I outlined is true for them too. And that we have permission to check their account. 

Based on what you said, your listening is being shared and is visible in the other user's Friend Feed. Therefore the other user must confirm that their sharing is on. 

I followed you and can see you in my Friend Feed - I followed the other user and they do not show - therefore I suspect they have not enabled sharing. Please have them confirm. 

  1. Here is my permission 


I want to change my other friend account to do this! Here is Nasky who I am following to!

Here is our permission!

@user-removed are all the things true that I outlined in my longer earlier message for you? As I understand it, you can see @user-removed in your Friend Feed, but they can't see you. So can you please confirm you have the sharing setting on (screenshot please) and that you have listened to a track for longer than 30 secs in the last 7 days on iOS/Android or Desktop and it's not a Private Session - thank you!



Thank you for your reply! As you said, all the things is true that you outlined in your longer earlier message for me!

This is my screenshot that shows me enabled the sharing function. The right side is showing @kinwai_tse ‘s activity. Also, I used more than 30sec on this week! 


For the 2 users I was talking to yesterday, you seem to have removed yourselves from the community. If you need my help again, please rejoin and let me know. Otherwise I am assuming your problem was solved? 

This is ridiculous. I had read every single post looking for a solution, but appears there's none. I have this issues from 2 years ago and nothing happened yet. 

I can't see my friend's activity for a long time and I've tried many solutions






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Operating System

Windows 10


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So I noticed all my friends activity changed to this screen, even though I still follow them etc, I have tried turning the option on and off again, closed and restarted Spotify and even uninstalled and reinstalled it as well as clearing all data and caches beforehand and before the reinstall... yet I still have the problem 😕


I have the same problem and its been almost a year and a have without solutions


I have exactly the same problem since a month ago, I've been talking to spotify support for weeks and they still haven't given me any solution. I'm starting to think that it has to do with Windows 11 since I seem to remember that it started to fail me the moment I updated my operating system.

I have been waiting for this feature to start working again for YEARS hahaha


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