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Spotify in Ukraine (Yet another attempt)


Spotify in Ukraine (Yet another attempt)

Okay, so let's do this again. I know this topic had been discussed here several times, but we must insist until it's finally done.


Dear spotify, we really need your service here, and this is why. What do we have right now?


- Thousands of people use Spotify via VPN or some other doubtful services.

- Thousands of people pay for Spotify with help of their friends from Europe / USA, or using their secondary PayPal accounts, which is not what they want to do.

- Thousands of people have to use Apple Music / Deezer / Google Play / etc., whereas many of them admin spotify to be much better.

- Thousands of people want to pay you, but now their money go to google/deezer/apple.

- Hundreds of artists sucessfully promoting their music on Spotify, but they still have to use tricky workarounds to manage their artist pages and check their own records.

- Spotify is the only big streaming service not available in Ukraine at this moment.

Right here, on this very community website, a lot of listeners from Ukraine have been demanding it since 2014. And they still are.


We need spotify to work in Ukraine.

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Hello, what is needed to bring Spotify to Ukraine? How can we help? Law acceptance? Petition? Funding? Please reply. I'd really like to take part and make it real.

Forget. They just too lazy **bleep***s .....

@bilyk20 you need literally nothing. They have no wanting to do that. They faster will start working in North Korea.

You have Apple Music available in Ukraine, your reasoning is not honest


And also Google music is available for a long time



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Hey everyone!


Spotify recently launched in Ukraine, and now the Spotify mobile app and web player have language support for Ukrainian.


You can read more info in this news article here:

Spotify Is Rolling Out 36 New Languages on Mobile

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