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Spotify playing random music on it's own.

Spotify playing random music on it's own.

I'm really not sure what's going on.


The past few weeks I've noticed my music randomly changing late at night. I'll put on something when I go to sleep - sometimes softer music, sometimes rain sounds, etc. When I wake up, my phone (bluetoothed to a home theater system) will be playing something completely unrelated to what I was listening to - more importantly, it will be playing from a different playlist altogether. I do have autoplay turned off.


Now, this all started when I tried to get remote play working again to use my phone to change the music playing on the Spotify desktop application. It worked really well in the past, and then something happened and it quit dependably recognizing my computer being logged into my account. It just quit showing as available for remote play.


It works well enough now, but it's funny because when I find my phone playing something that I didn't start, it finds at least one chrome browser as an available device. (More often, there is a long list of 10-15 different chrome browsers to connect to.) As far as I can remember, I've only ever used my phone, and the desktop app on a single PC to connect to Spotify.


It's conceivable to me, that someone else has gotten my account info, and is using it. Could they be using it to promote a single artist? The playlists that I find playing are created by some random user with 0 playlist followers, and either a single artist, or two artists with the same alternating song - the whole thing is really odd to me. It's not like this is something that happens all the time - just randomly late at night, once or twice a week.


I have just changed my password, but it would be interesting to see an account log-in history to see if there has been someone logging in from some other device. I haven't noticed anything new in my linked devices under account settings.

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