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Spotify premium

Spotify premium

I have had a premium account for around 2 years I used to pay £9.99 a month but since November time ive got it free with my Vodafone contract but now it is showing I don't have a spotify premium account when I haven't changed anything? I've tried logging out and in numerous times I've also tried to upgrade to premium through Vodafone and it only gives me the option to pay 9.99 per month, why has my account suddenly gone from premium to the free version?
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Hi, and welcome to the community!


1) What does your Subscriptions page say you're on?
2) Try logging out/in and reinstalling Spotify.
3) Make sure you're logging in with the right account; it's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify details!


Anthony 🙂

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Hi there,


I've had a look at your account and I can confirm that your account has reverted back to free. I'm afraid that, as we don't have access to Vodafone's billing system, we can't see why this has happened. Please get in touch with Vodafone and they should be able to help further.


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Hi! I'm paying for premium subscription and Spotify works on my Samsung phone but on my Sony computer the account shows the wrong kind of subscription.I logg in via Spotifys webbsite. It says I´ve got the free kind of Spotify but that isn´t what my bank account says: 99 SEK goes every month to Spotify. What to do? Best regards, Lansen

If your account is still showing as free then you have not logged into the account you have upgraded. Double check your details, its amazingly easy to accidentally have two accounts, one with a Spotify username and another using your Facebook details. 

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