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Still cannot change country, despite help articles

Still cannot change country, despite help articles


I have tried getting support, but nothing works. I have emailed two times already - case # 01931557 and 01980641. I only got automated replies that didn't work. I replied and sent emails but there was no reply.

I also logged an item in the community at this link:

The support materials are not helping. I have tried to edit my profile to change my country to Canada, but it is disabled. I've checked my IP address, and it says Canada.

I've tried changing payment details, but I only have 2 options - Free, and Premium. I do not wish to start paying yet. There are support articles suggesting that you won't charge my credit card, but I only see the option to sign up for Premium.

Can you please help me?

Thank you


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I'm asking someone to check out one of those cases for you. Apologies for the delay.

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Hey Dave!


Sorry for the delay.


You should get an email very soon, keep an eye on your inbox. 

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