Student Discount Problems


Student Discount Problems


I've been receiving the student discount ever since I found out about it nearly a year and a half ago. Naturally, I would assume spotify would start charging me the regualr $9.99 premium subscription price once I graduated. However, I still have a year left of school and it charged me $9.99 this month when they should still be charging me $4.99, being that I'm still in school. Is their someone I can talk to in helping me get back the extra money I was not supposed to be charged?

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Re: Student Discount Problems

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Hey! Sorry to hear about your problem.


Since it's been a year, you should have received an email in the past asking to reverify your Student status. May I ask if you have reverified?


If you have reverified, contact the Spotify Support team here - and they will be glad to help out!


Have fun, enjoy Spotify to the fullest!

- Brian




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