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Ubuntu Desktop app can't login

Ubuntu Desktop app can't login


it's been two weeks since I first experienced login issues.

When I try to login with facebook inside the linux (Ubuntu 16.04) desktop app I'm redirected after a few seconds to a page saying 


Couldn't log in to Spotify

What's going on

There's a temporary issue with logging in to Spotify. Sorry about that!


Two days ago for once it worked, but today I'm stuck again. So it's not something related to the app version (I've downloaded the latest) or my facebook credentials.


The web player and android app work flawlessly with the same account. Any idea?


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Same here. my spotify can't login in ubuntu desktop app.

I'm not sure what the actual problem is but I've had the same problem for 2ish weeks too.


I just changed my default browser from Firefox to the default ubuntu web browser and it worked first time. Maybe give that a go as a temporary solution.

YESS!! I cant log on either and have the same message.

Same problem on 17.04

Same problem for me on my new PC with ubuntu 16.10.


I just followed installing instructions at:

Simply logging in with my Facebook email and password worked instead of trying to use FB.

I am running into this same issue tried the browser switch and still can't get logged in. I am experiencing this issue with Spotify on 2 different computers one running Linux Mint 18.1 and again after updating to 18.2 64-bit OS, the other is running Ubuntu 14.04.5 32-bit OS. I have tried many different things, confirmed I am running the latest client available and still unable to log in with the desktop application no issues logging in with web or my Android smartphone, but can't log in with either computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Andy


*Update - Reached out to @SpotifyStatus and they responded and helped me get my account logged in again. Super happy seeing as I know they don't technically provide any support for the Linux application.

Same problem is this spotify's fault or ubuntu's ?

Did they helped you out? what did they tell you to do?

@Irk I doubt thats true you probably have also a spotify account by registering an email and a pass and it so happens that the email you used is the same as the one you use for facebook and you also use the same password... because those (login credentials and facebook log in button) are two different things and are not talking to each other

E.g if you have not a spotify account but have a facebook account and NOT click on the "log in with facebook" button but use your facebook credentials to log in via the spotify login option then it wont allow you to log in.

@papajo Spotify didn't really tell me what the issue is they just asked me to let them know if I had any other issues I had another issue last night on one of my other PC's but didn't feel like going through the process of getting through it again it was late and I had to wake up today just got a new little cheapo laptop today and will be seeing what happens when I get Mint installed on it. I went through Twitter to reach out to Spotify they worked some backstage voodoo to get it fixed, it took them a bit but they did get it working for me on one system.

Instead of clicking "Log in with facebook", enter the email and password you use for facebook.

I don't want to give to Spotify my Facebook password, so it's not a viable solution.
Anyway now It works again as it used to.

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and I got that same behavior. While this is a solution, it would be nice if spotify devs either: 1) be honest about it and remove the FB login button or 2) fix it.

I can't login again. It's more than a week since the last time I was able to.

Now I've found out that I can login with facebook's username and password, and yesterday for the first time after months I was able to login and use the service.

Today I'm stuck in offline mode. Every attempt to change the proxy settings failed. Furthermore I'm not behind a firewall or a proxy.

I recently discovered that I have to activate a VPN to make the Spotify app to connect to internet.

It seems like it doesn't try to connect unless the vpn is active.

After the first connection I can close the vpn and continue to use the app.


I'm not behind a firewall and I didn't change the hardware setup I had before the issue started.

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