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Unable to access my account

Unable to access my account


Well as the title says i am unable to acces my account 🙂

Here's what happened:

Everything was fine last week but yesterday when i opened Spotify on my phone it took me to the sign up/in screen. I entered my account name(i signed up using email and have premium) and pass and it told me it was wrong. I tried again and again and it kept telling my my info was wrong. So i used the reset pass link. It told me that if sent the email but i didn't get anything.

I went home and tried logging in through the desktop app. I typed in my username and pass and it logged me in briefly showed me my playlists then threw me back to the loging screen and told me that my info was wrong. Every time i log in from any desktop it throws me out 3 seconds later. 

When i try to log in from web it tells me that my info is wrong. So i can't access my  account from any platform.I also tried signing in with my email but it's all the same. I always used username up till now.I submitted a ticket yestersay but didn't get an autoresponce. I used to get emails from spotify but now i get nothing. It's like my email's cursed 😄


My account is minijane101

2 Replies

Hi Minijane101,


Our agent Mehmet replied to your support case.  They sent the reply to your gmail address.  Could you please check that it has not gone to the spam folder?

Yup yup recieved the email 5 minutes ago 🙂 thank you

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