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Unable to update payment info...please help

Unable to update payment info...please help

I need to update my cc info, since my wallet was stolen and for the last few days every time I log in to update my Premium account and select to change payment info, I get an error message "Oh No! Something has gone wrong! But don't be sad. You can try again a bit later."  I have sent 2 tweets and no reply.  Any one have a suggestion as to how I can get this resolved?

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Hey there @12174940693 and welcome to the community!


Try under the "Edit Profile" portion of your account versus the change payment link. 


If that doesn't work, I recommend reaching out to Spotify Support through one of the other methods. They can be reached through their Facebook Page Spotify Cares or through the online contact form in addition to their twitter handle. 

If you submit the contact form instead of the Twitter or Facebook Message, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.

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Me too, but don't bother contacting Spotify cares, they couldn't give a darn, there is only a computer at the otehr end sending pre loaded replies. Not many businesses ignore their customers when they offer them money.

They actually contacted me last night. They had me try something and now I'm getting a 502 bad gateway error. I'll keep you posted.

Glad they have helped you a bit, hope you get it sorted. I'm back up and running got to pay with paypal. What a pain.

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