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Warning message - Another device using my spotify

Warning message - Another device using my spotify



I am streaming to a chromecast in my living room. The music stops and I get a warning that my spotify account is in use somewhere else. 


I change passwords and force sign out all accounts, repeated 2 times, but this does not help.


Apps with access:

Application image Lithium Community - Production
Application image login
Application image Sonos


Any ideas? Can there be a conflict where it records being played by both chromecast audio and my phone where I cast the music from?



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Hey @vincev! Thanks for writing.

Head here and click Sign Out Everywhere. This will force all current sessions to be logged out. We'd also recommend changing your password one more time to something super secure, just to be safe.


If this doesn't do the trick and you're also seeing changes in your playlists, saved music or your email address, check out the info you'll find on this page to know what to do next.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

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