We are currently not able to redeem this code


We are currently not able to redeem this code


Yesterday I bought a code in a store and when I tried to upgrade this was the message I got... I´ve tried atleast 5 times...

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Now it works!! 🙂


Hi everyone - If you've been unable to redeem a code, please try logging into the website first. 


Then select your username in the top right-hand corner and click 'redeem a code' from the dropdown menu. Signing in first is key here.





Then give redeeming the code another try. 


I am still not able to redeem my code!! I have been waiting for almost 24 hours!! First it was the massage" we are currently not able to redeem this code" and now I don`t even get to that point ... Now this massage comes up "

Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area" . You haven't helped me yet and now I am very tiered of waiting!!!

aurorasoraa - Did you get the email I sent you at all? Check your inbox! If you can't see it there, try looking at your Junk / Spam filters too.
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Can you try sending it to (Snip - Mod) instead???


I can't find it.. Try sending it again or to my G-mail:)

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This code is for three months of Premium right??


Just deleted your other post - Let's continue troubleshooting your issue over email. I have responded to you.
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Hi, I've tried all morning to redeem my code. What shall I do to be able to?

I've tried in every possible way to do this, but it doesn't work.
Please help me!



I can't eaither redeem my code it says "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area" Please help


I have the same problem, and this isn't the first time it's not working. when will it work again? 😞 


Have this problem too 😞


Have the same problem with two different giftcards, one bought 25 september and one bought today. What too do?


This will hopefully be resolved very soon.

Have you tried following the steps posted by the staff member on the previous page? 



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I just sent them all the card info so hopefully they will help me soon 😃


Same problem here, really not happy about this after spending money....


Yep,,,, one more victim to the count =S


Please help Spotify!!!


by the way, I tried usign Chrome and Explorer,,, cleaned cache and bla bla bla,,, nothing works.


I have the same problem. I have bought these giftcard codes and it have worked several times before. But this time it first says that its not working and that I should try again later. I have done this several times. And today when I tried I got to where I can choose what subscription I want, and when I choose 3 months of premium it says that you are unable to accept the code or something like that.


I did send a email yesterday but have not gotten a answer yet (I know its a weekend). I have read thru all 10 pages and none of the suggestions here works, I've tried with 4 different browsers and I still get the same answer, I've also tried with my phone. Nothing works.


I have been in contact with the admins before about changing from unlimited to premium when I choosed wrong once. Perhaps that's why the codes don't work for me. Because that time a admin did something with my account. I hope I will get an answer soon, otherwise I will just stop paying for a service that have been giving me problems on several occasions.

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