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Year in Music 2016


Year in Music 2016

Is the year in music different this year? Last year, it told me my top artists by season, my top albums of the year, first song I listened to all year, and a bunch of stuff.. This year it told me my total minutes, gave me my top 100 playlist and that's pretty much it 😞

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Nice work internet! Let 'em have it! Hopefully we will be able to stir up enough of a s-hitstorm to make them listen to us and give us the MYIM we want!

you have to message @SpotifyCares on Twitter to make it big…Nobody knows how much they check this.
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Yas I thought the same thing! It's kinda absurd that there doesn't seem to be any better link to get in touch with them about this than some freakin Twitter lynching... Just unbelievable.

the 2016 Wrapped is not gonna cut it. I had been looking forward to Year in Review all year and i am very disappointed. Hopefully you can fix this mistake. 


A sad spotify user 😞

Spotify seriously dropped the ball here and will be losing a lot of previously-generated goodwill from their loyal subscribers for telling them "too late" in regards to their 2016 stats. It can't possibly be too difficult to re-run the queries and re-send to anyone or make them available via their profile. 


In an ideal world, we could run queries against our own stats at any time.

Nah, I'm sorry Spotify. I might actually move to then because I was really truly excited to see a detailed record of my music and was disappointed. You better fix up!

Hopefully a year in music is released becase this is pretty disappointing. Even if it's the same as last year which should already have a done template and wouldn't be too hard to do again.

Sending  emails seems so counter intuitive, also If you didn't sign up you wont receive it, this isnt serious..

To be honest I think stats from your year in music should be available all the time but I'd understand if they wanted to make it special and make you wait for it every year.. this however ... wow.. "good one". 

I only got a **bleep**ty playlist, not even the minutes I've listened to music.


"2016 Wrapped" is just as **bleep** as spotify has become over the last couple of years.

You should really resend those emails.

If Spotify fails to correct this for their subscribers then I'm cancelling. Obviously people really care about this feature and if Spotify doesn't care enough about us to do the right thing then they lost my support. If I do not get my stats by the end of December then I'm switching to Apple Music just out of prinicple since that would prove to me they really could care less about me as a customer. 

Which music app is a good replacement for Spotify? Apple Music or Google Music? I have a ton of local files I want to be able to sync to my phone. I'm on Android.

If I JUST turned on email notifications will I still get My Year in Music? Love that feature and would hate to miss it this year. Thanks

Nope you won't get it due to spotify being dicks this year.

Why is this topic market as "solved"?
It's not even close to being solved.


Started a new one then:
as we aren't anymore wondering if this is the case, we want a more spesific answer.
I feel idiotic but I don't know what else there's left than spamming just the way they're spamming their answer without rlly doing any changes.

Just spam 'em guys then I guess. I don't like spam.

The "Year in Music" interactive statistics are one of Spotify's strongest features, and this was one of the main reasons why I continued with Spotify. This will affect your user and fan base negatively, as we all loved seeing how our tastes and numbers matched up to the previous years. Please bring this feature back, for the love of music!!

I only started using Spotify this year because I felt like I missed out on the year in music last year. I will now switch to just builiding up my music library, and I'll just phase out spotify over the next month or so.

I have been looking forward to the same breakdown as last year, if not even better! The email is nowhere near as good. Please fix this.

I did not have my email notifications on, and if I understand correctly, it's too late to do so now? I am honestly crushed, and so disappointed in spotify. I loved the year in music feature the last two years, and I have no idea why you would change such a good concept. And when you actually decide to change it, you give no heads up to your customers that they should change their settings. This honestly feels like spotify does not care about their customers, and is telling them to **** off for not subscribing to what is usually just spammy email.

The statistics this year arent nearly as robust. Felt half-assed. Should have expected spotify to screw this up. Just like what they did what the lyrics, always seem to be taking away my favorite features.

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