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Year in Music 2016


Year in Music 2016

Is the year in music different this year? Last year, it told me my top artists by season, my top albums of the year, first song I listened to all year, and a bunch of stuff.. This year it told me my total minutes, gave me my top 100 playlist and that's pretty much it 😞

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     I really love how so manny people are spamming Spotify to make sure they informed on how badly they messed up, and telling them what they should have done! I'd also like to mention that only ONE community manager replied ONCE to this topic! I think that this much backfire from users needs more VISIBLE interaction from Spotify.That being said for all we know Spotify could be working hard on trying to fix this

    That being said for all we know Spotify could be working hard on trying to fix this and they just haven't been releasing much information on it. 

I don't have spotify marked as spam, have listened to plenty of music for it to work, and keep email notifications enabled at all times yet still haven't gotten anything. Any thoughts?

Ya dun goofed.

This is a horrible **bleep**ing mistake. I've looked forward to the Spotify stats all year, and now they've done diddly **bleep**ed me in the **bleep** with those expectations. Not cool, Spotify. Not cool.

53 months premium account here. How the heck would you think that people would know to subscribe to spam mail for this? Maybe you could've sent a notification in the freaking app about it?


Anyway, I just opted in for it now, as I was wondering where the stats are this year, and noticed this thread. I will cancel my subscription if I don't get the stats. It was basically only reason why I have used Spotify, as it seems to have been for a lot of other users as well.


Just like wow, really great job Spotify, really great. 

Hey! I got the email this morning after expecting nothing. It's a little different than what it was in years prior - all the info is in the email, it doesn't direct you to a seperate site like it used it. But I got it!

I've recieved the email today. But that does changes nothing.

People need to get fired and you need to bring back the proper "Year in Music"(This year, not next year) or I'll chance to Google Play Music and completely forget about you, like you did with your paying customers. 

I just got my email. I at least got it, but it still pales in comparison to the website version.

i was really waiting for my stats 😕 shame you spotify didn't add it this year, i hate you 😞

its not a solution its an information.

My email notifications have been turned on and i check my email and spam folder everyday, yet i still have not recived my year in music email. 😞


That's all good and old info which we already know.

I still haven't received any email, regardless if the reason is in the ones you listed (which I'm pretty sure it isn't) .

1. If there are so many people complaining that you can not reach them and they're still having issues compared to last year then I don't see how anyone can argue that the emailing way of things can be so benefitial. 


Yes, I get it.If you bug enough people bry email maybe more people overall will view their year in music but this is just awful.


It's 2016, I doubt anyone wants to receive promotional emails. If you want to reach a bigger audience and have no problems delivering to them, then just advertise the year in music on the front page of the application and have a webiste like last year. This way, not only more people will click it, but they'll click it if they want to or not, without receiving emails and they'll be gauranteed access unlike me and many many others.

2. Regardless of the whole situation outlined in point one and the fact that this is an awful way of delivering such information (if it gets delivered at all). From what I've seen by other users sharing their year in music which they received by email - It's a huge downgrade from what it was last year and that's just dissappointing which is the bigger problem.


Emails have issues and I'd understand if it didn't reach me, it's flawed technology and it happens, if you couldn't contact me - you couldn't contact me, at the end of the day as you said yourself maybe there's nothing you can do about that. (Except not use emails to distribute this to begin with so you do not face these issues to begin with).

The email way of things limits how you can represent the data and how much data you can have so obviously it makes the whole thing much less interactive (just a bonus point on why not to use emails for this)

But the bigger issues is that the data provided is still not up-to par and dissappointing.

It really is a let down, every way you look at it. 



This is so annoying! Why cant they do it like last year? Why fix something when it isnt broken -.- !????

And why shouldn't it possible to resend that mail upon request?

Strange Things happen with Spotify 😕

I have been listening to so much music this year but I haven't gotten my email. I have had the notifications on all along and I feel like I won't have any chance to see my statistics. €120 and I can't get my stats or even get the feeling that spotify is trying to help me out personally. I am very disappointed.

Dissapointing! Bring back the website, much more organized and easier to access for those who opted out of emails because of how often they were sent out 😞

Hello there! Every year it was like a tradition to receive a link to the promo "Your year in music..." and discover a lot of great information about myself. But this year all things are different and I haven't even received an E-mail. I listen a lot of music the whole year and I was so disappointed to have nothing now :-(( I know it will change nothing now, but I'm pretty sure it would be great to recover this tradition. 


Never mind, thank you guys for another lovly year in music! Happy hollidays everyone! :-)))

I don't have an option to opt in for e-mail notifications. I do have a valid emailadres. The last few years I did get a wrapped mail. I really want to receive a wrapped mail of 2016 if possible! Thanks in regard ^^


Edit: See I turned off notifications, got them enabled again. Please, please, PLEASE, send the wrapped mail again ❤️

I dont want a playlist
I want the stastics, this is so bad customer treatment, why not simply make a website like last year? You can even send the link via Email if you want to but why make it on the app accessable for example
Normally spotify doesnt disappoints me but today

Its so bad this year. And I meet all the criteria to recieve an email but didn't...

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