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my account got hacked

my account got hacked

My account has been hacked.  I've logged in to find all of my playlists,song and etc deleted and changed to another song that i wouldn't listen to


yesterday I can login in via my Facebook to this page but I can't reset my original Spotify username/password because the person hacking has reset the password. but today i cant login again via facebook because the hacker remove my facebook after i submit my report to spotify, but spotify sent email to hacker's email which is not my email.


Somehow my email has changed to other email which is NOT my email address attached to this account. 


and i create new account to create thist forum ..

My Account before hacked is < snip - Moderator edit > and email < snip - Moderator edit >, please recover my account, thx




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Hey @Gakky12070, help's at hand.


There's a slight possibility that you might've logged into a duplicate account. We'd recommend checking the points here to see if this might be the root of what you're seeing, first of all.


Alternatively, if you believe that someone's had access to your account without your consent, we'd strongly suggest reading the tips and following the steps at this link.


Let us know how you get on!

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