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"Login to Spotify" emails - Yes. i did secure my account.

"Login to Spotify" emails - Yes. i did secure my account.




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So, I have recieved numerous emails reading "Welcome Back" with a link to go to Spotify & that if I didn't attempt to login that my email "may have been entered by mistake." But, after recieving the second email, I went into my account separately and logged out of every device, including resetting my password (for x amount of time, ive recieved those emails in the past that show logins from different companies or my google hone will tell me that "the music stopped because spotify is playing on another device).


Hours later, ANOTHER email. Anybody else experiencing this? Spotify needs to find a remedy to this for users. This clearly is a security issue. After so many "login to spotify" emails are sent in a day, wouldn't you think they would establish some sort of trigger to send an additional email to the user warning them of attempted logins using their email? And possibly other ways to secure their accounts? Like, I dont know...two factor authentication to avoid these issues? 


As stated in  the subject. I have secured my account. Numerous times. And yes. That includes wiping 3rd party apps that I know are secure and are frustrating to set back up 3x over when it isnt needed, because it happens again and again. 


Someone please tell me they relate to the same concerns/experiences with this service. Ive been a customer for years, not only a free customer, but a paying one. Only going free due to working from home the last handful of years and my preferences changing. 

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Hey @pete1cas,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


The emails you're getting are generated when your email is entered in the password reset form here. These are not login emails.


As described in the emails, someone might be entering your email in the password reset form. This can be alleviated if you change the email address of your Spotify account, because your current one might be compromised through a 3rd party data leak. Here is how to change your email address. 

You can also find more information on how to make your Spotify account more secure on this page. We advise you to also leave your vote in this thread, where we are considering the implementation of a two factor authentication.


Hope this helps,



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