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HI I UPGRADED MY ACCOUNT just now to the family one and I had free months I just signed up yesterday and I thought when I upgraded I would get my 3 months free and just pay the 5.99 until my free months are up
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Hi @crystalgonzales. When you sign up for a family plan existing premium time is split up among everyone on the plan. You're three months are still free, they've just been divided up between you and however many other people are on the plan, which is why you see your renewal date pushed forward. Hope this clears things up. Please let me know if there's anything else I could help you with. 

just added one more person so how or when would I see the free ones like will I still pay the full 14.99 every month or? Sorry I'm new too this

Nvm I get it thank you so much @lordrollin

No worries @crystalgonzales. The three months should still be on the account, split between the two of you, and you wont see a charge until after you both run out of premium (which will be at the same time). So depending on how long you'd already been using those three months, you shouldn't be charged for around a month and a half (or less). Did this answer your question? Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions, and if you'd like, it may help taking a look over the Spotify Family FAQ. Cheers!

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