Android App History Log File?


Android App History Log File?


Is there an app or a way I can dump the log to find my played SONGS history?


I was listening to the Radar Release playlist (which is awesome) while driving last night (Thursday) via blutooth Android and I wanted to add some of the songs on this playlist to my own. But when I got home after midnight the songs had updated's Friday.

I tried to find my history but the app just shows the playlist last played which updated Friday morning. Where there used to be a "history" tab with queue, now has queue only.

I know Android and Spotify track and keep all of our data all of the time so the info exists but short of paying to becoming an advertiser on Spotify how do we the lowly paying customers find our own history?


Before making a not so useful suggestion like, "add the songs as they come on" please remember I was driving, that's mostly how listen to music, and I don't think even a great song is worth dying or killing for.


If you know of a useful third party app or a way to dump the log and sift through it please let me know.


Thanks for any help!


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Re: Android App History Log File?

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You can scrobble to from spotify (It's in spotify settings) which should help for the future. Sadly, I can't think of any way to get at a history for android retrospectively, sorry.