App has become very buggy recently.


App has become very buggy recently.

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Huawei mate 10 pro

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Android 8


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 My app has become really user unfriendly of late, possibly since the last update. I've reinstalled and tried force quitting. I've also switched off any screen overlays. Nothing has helped. 


Issues include... 


Sound reverts to speaker when I unplug my headphones. 


Playback pauses even with no interaction from me or any of my devices seemingly at random. 


Spotify widget is laggy, often crashes, and usually displays the wrong song information


Add to queue function is completely out of action. The app displays that songs have been added to the queue but when you open the now playing queue it just displays whatever album or playlist you last chose a song from. Anything from another artist/album/playlist will not be visible.


Shuffle has become highly repetitive and seems to choose the same songs and artists more frequently, covering only a small section of my saved songs rather than the full breadth. I have to manually choose another new song to force the app to change things up a little. 

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Same here too!! A few additional issues I've had over the past few months on my Note8:


At points, I will be unable to skip beyond a couple of tracks before the album cards stop showing on the 'Now Playing' screen. Scrubbing through a track also stops working at this point too, and will just go to the beginning of the track.


Data usage on downloaded playlists. And often when trying to use Offline Mode, the preference will not be remembered the next time I open the app or will turn itself on. (It also uses Data in the background, even when turned off in system settings)


Abnormal battery usage that causes my phones power management to kill the Spotify process. I know I can just override this setting, but this shouldn't be the case for a music streaming app.


I now find myself having to 'Force Quit' the app several times daily. Lot's of people are reporting issues just like these on Google Play too, but I can't see any responses or acknowledgements from the Spotify team. It almost feels like they're turning a blind eye to these issues...


I will add my 25 cents worth here. 

  1. Cannot start playing my favourites list, there is NO play button, only a "Shuffle" button that does nothing. Then after a minute, my music starts playing. Only when a song does start playing, the stop / start button is at the bottom. If I go to an album list, there is a play button, but not in favourites to get it going. 
  2. Shuffle button, cannot tell if it is Off or On. It stays bright green no matter how many times I tap it. The only way to know is to wait for songs to play to see if it is shuffling or not. -- bad design here.
  3. Serious lag - when switching songs or albums. Lag in the song starting and stopping.
  4. Screen goes black, cannot do anything like it totally freezes. Only when I shut it down does it end and I have to restart it again. 
  5. No "close" button, "No Log off" button upfront - have to go into settings and scroll - all - the - way - down to log off.

Fire your App developer!


Hey guys,


Thanks for raising all of these issues.


We recommend that you keep to one issue per post, otherwise it becomes very hard to troubleshoot.


Some of the issues you mentioned, including ones relating to the Queue, are ongoing issues which are currently being fixed. You can check the Queue issue out here.

In any case, the best place to start is to perform a clean reinstall of your app. That normally does the trick and solves a lot of commong issues.


Let us know if there's anything else we can do 🙂






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Casual Listener

Thanks for your response, Peter!


I think we could all agree that it would be great if someone from Spotify could also acknowledge these issues on communities outside of this forum (i.e. Google Play, Reddit); People are thinking of jumping ship over the lack of PR & acknowledgement:


As for reinstalling the app, I don't know if reinstalling it for the 6th time in 2 months is going to be of any use - it may work for a week, and then cripple itself with updates. Is the team expecting this to be a realistic solution for hundreds (if not thousands) of users on Android's install base?


I'm planning to explore *search engine giant's* Y**T*** Premium service for the next month and then reinstall and try Spotify again when my trials up with them. Hopefully, by then, Spotify will have something of use (even if still a bit buggy).