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Auto populate playlist name from artist/album on Android

Auto populate playlist name from artist/album on Android

(This functionality used to work)

On andriod, when I select an album I want to save as a playlist, and choose "Add to Playlist". I see a list of my existing playlists, and at the top "New Playlist" button - this then opens a dialog box "give your playlist a name" - which is BLANK. To now go and type "Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance Episode 200 Featuring ...." on a mobile phone is annoying enough to consider cancelling my premium subscription.

On windows the playlist automatically populates the artist/album name - this used to be the case on Andriod, but the interface changed. I mostly use my mobile with Spotify. Any advice/help with this? Can I raise I case with the product team? Photos showing the issue attached.

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Hey everyone!


Right now, this is intended on the Android app. You can find more info about this here.


You can also support the idea to implement this here.


All the best.

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I could not disagree with the decision more that this is the "intended behaviour". We're moving backwards - why is the functionality on the app not the same as the windows/pc experience? Why do you take functionality away that used to work?

Do spotify and devs read the user reviews?

Cancelling my and the wife's subscriptions now - I'll go back to Apple music.....

Hey @Henry007,


We're sorry you feel this way. Rest assured, your feedback will be noted. We also monitor the other comments posted in our Ideas board, and the devs are also aware of people's thoughts.


We'll be right here on the Community if you ever need anything else in future.

Thanks for replying Jack.

I wonder if the Dev's use spotify themselves to experience the bug I raised (its a bug, as the functionality worked perfectly and then spotify reverted it).

For the time being, I got too annoyed and cancelled my premium subscription - I'm now paying for YouTube Red instead...

Please explain to me how this is intended and useful UI design and why it's only on android

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