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Bluetooth audio connected but not playing

Bluetooth audio connected but not playing








Moto Z Droid Play

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

I've been listening to Spotify via Bluetooth in a 2015 Toyota Prius for a few weeks, suddenly it no longer plays audio when connected, only a second of the song comes through before stopping while Spotify on my phone still registers that it's playing. All other media streaming sources (Play Music, Audible, Libby) work great, and I can still make calls via Bluetooth.  I've deleted and reinstalled the app, ''forgot" and re-paired the devices, and have Spotify every possible permission. Nothing. 



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Hello @krbroadfoot ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Do you have any Bluetooth aid applications installed? Like, an application that shows you the battery percentage of connected devices?

If you do, try uninstalling it.


Let me know if it worked!



nope, I don't have any other Bluetooth applications. I've got other people's phones (iPhone) to connect and play through. Guessing this is an Android/Motorola problem.


Hello again @krbroadfoot ,


Can you try updating Spotify? If it's already on the latest version, try re-installing.

Also do check and install OS updates for your phone if available.

You should also try force closing Spotify, connect to the car Bluetooth and then open Spotify after a connection has been established.


Let me know of any progress!


Still nothing 😕 

I've reinstalled Spotify again, and my OS is up-to-date.  I've tried to pair and connect before opening Spotify to play. 

Can you try forgetting the car Bluetooth from your phone and pairing it fresh?


Settings > Bluetooth (switch on) > Click the gear icon next to your car Bluetooth name/id and tap forget.


Let me know of any progress!


Exact same problem Moto G6. Other apps play fine but Spotify plays .1 second then pauses for 2 seconds thens plays .1 seconds. I have a Toyota Rav4.

Same problem here.

Motorla Z Play, Android 8.0.0

Toyota RAV4, "Toyota Touch&Go" audio.


Connects, but does not play, only second if even that. Does not show track/album/artist info (shows unknown). Used to work, but stopped working about month ago.


If I use for example youtube to play audio, it works like it should.


I have tried to re-pair devices, clear all caches that I can imagine etc, nothing helps.


If I uninstall and install spotify again, it works for one time, but after I shut down my car audio, and restart it, I have same problem again.


Playing audio to other bluetooth devices (like Bose soundlink) works.


And using other devices (other android devices or iPhone) in my car also works, but this phone that I'm using, no-go for a mont already. Used to work for two years at least.


Must be some spotify upgrade that has changed "something" that is not compatible with Toyota...



Yep, I've tried all that too. No problem with the connection.  Still not working. 



Spotify will play over bluetooth if you use the the mobile browser version (Chrome for me). It still pauses frequently so you have to push play again every few minutes. 


The mobile browser version of Spotify is so poorly optimized this hardly feels like a workable solution. You can't view your library, you can only search and even that function is weak since you can't see albums under an artist, just the popular songs and featured playlists. 


Still very frustrated. Since I don't have this problem with any other apps, I'm weighing switching to Apple Music or something similar.

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