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Device won't show up in Devices


Device won't show up in Devices

My droid no longer shows up as a device on the desktop player.  Also, the app says it has "no internet connection" even though it does and downloads all songs except for the "local" songs.  This started about the same time as I upgraded the app and experienced the dreaded "white screen of death".  I have re-install an older version of the app, but my phone still will not show up as a device.  I have tried changing the wifi network and turned off the firewall, nothing works.


Thank you Spotify for putting out the new app without testing it.  Note to everyone:  turn off automatic updates on your phone.

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Okay thank you!

As of now, I can download music but I still see "Shuffle music" button in my playlist which is not normal...

Thank you and please let me know after you hv checked my account 🙂

Erm..........we all see the shuffle button in playlist view - it's by design. If you can download music from spotify or play any track by selecting it then you do in fact have Premium on mobile too. Could you just check and confirm please?

connecting to a device works on the web but dose not work on the app

i uninstalled all of my antivirus apps and tried to turn on my wifi and it still didnt work


Hey @mynameajeffithink,


Thanks for getting in touch about this.


We can confirm that our tech team are currently looking into this, so make sure to add your vote by clicking on the Thumbs up icon to the Ongoing Issue here, if you haven't already. Make sure to provide us with the info we're asking for in the Status update in the comments. 

Though we can't set an exact time frame for when this will be fixed, it'll also be useful to Subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. We'll be sure to keep you updated with any news on the matter there.

If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you. 

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Everything for me is now **bleep**ed up. Both my phone and my computer do not register each other as a device, is now ONLY synched to when I play on my phone and not my PC, same goes for Discord. Nothing wants to work and synch up correctly, and none of the solutions have worked, it's been like this for 3 hours now.

Hey @milesw1998,

Thank you for joining the conversation.

Since the issue you're describing is not only with the Connect feature, but with different apps, we'd recommend checking the solution marked on this thread to see if it makes any difference. 

If not, your issue could be also related to the Ongoing issue mentioned previously. In this case, we'd suggest adding your vote here by hitting the "Thumbs up" button and subscribing to it in the 3-dot menu to be aware of any updates posted. 

We appreciate the time you took reporting this issue and for your understanding.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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For what it's worth, sometimes if your phone is on 5G and your devices are on 2.4G they won't show!

Thanks, Joe! That did the trick and I can now see my elusive speaker. :~)

I very much appreciate the easy fix.


If using iPhone go to settings>spotify and make sure local network is green

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