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Help! - Spotify crashes immediately after starting


Help! - Spotify crashes immediately after starting


I am (well, was..) a happy premium user for months now. I have been using Spotify on different phones and I never encountered any problems.

However, Spotify simply won't start anymore - I expect after an automatic update. When I try to start Spotify, it shows the interface for a second or so before it then decides to crash immediately. Really frustrating because I cannot use Spotify at all. What am I gonna do without my favorite tunes?!

I have a LG Nexus 5 with a stock Android version (most recent). Spotify has worked before; no issues until now. What I have tried:

* Stopped the app manually through the 'now running apps' menu.
* Cleared the app cache
* Reinstalled the app
* Rebooted my phone

I am in the dark here. I have send you the Spotify log (that's a feature in Android, I think it is send to your Developer Play account?)

Could someone please help me out?

Thx, cheers Lennart

PS. I work in IT, so am I the only one that has a hard time with getting around the fact that there is no support channel for paying customer? Don't get me wrong; I am happy this forum with many active users even exists , but it sure doesn't feel right that you cannot drop your problems in a more official channel.

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I got an update for spotify and now everything is working fine again!



Nexus 5


Thanks for solving this issue so fast!



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I got impatient and reformatted my sd card. That worked.

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@saintlvr wrote:
Yes ... i have done ... still nothing 😞

I recommend you contact Spotify Support using the form here.

You will get an automated reply at first, however if you need to chase them just reply to the email as it does get monitored.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Having the same problem since yesterday's updates.

Hi. You can get in touch with spotify support here @Coldrush .


@sfmarcos - what model phone are you using and which android version?


I see that there are several similar reports on the Play store. Just out of interest, what happens it you start the app while your phone is in airplane mode then turn airplane mode off?







I'm using Nexus 5 with Android KitKat 4.4.2.


If I start with airplane mode enabled the app doesn't crash. If I disable airplane mode while viewing any screen but the start screen, the app works correctly. If I go to start screen after disabling airplane mode, the app crashes. So it seems it's an start screen problem.

Thanks for that. Could you confirm the spotify version for me - I didn't ask earlier as I wasn't sure if you could get into the settings screen.

Thanks. I'm still waiting for the update so I'm going to escalate this to staff as I see a lot of similar comments on Play.

Same problem here, Spotify crashes immediatly after starting. I tried clearing cache, reinstalling, rebooting etc and no luck... This happens on 3G and WiFi-connection.

LG Nexus 4, Android 4.4.2, spotify version

I just got the update on my Note 3 but no problems so far. There is a bug ticket open on this by the way.

Same problem here.


Device: Nexus 5, stock Android KitKat, spotify version .7.9.1169


App crashes as soon as I want to display the home screen. I can put my smartphone in airplane mode, access my playlist and deaktivate airplane mode again. Then I can play my music, but as soons is I open the home screen, the app crashes.


please fix it!



I'm having the same problem on my Samsung 4G phone and it's worked fine before. It's becoming a huge problem because I don't want it to hurt my phone. 

Good one jwylot! Putting the phone into airplane mode seems to help. Spotify will not crash.

Then, when I enable 'offline' mode, exit the app, and switch off airplane mode, Spotify will keep on working on WiFi and 4G.

So, I expect the culprit hides in the first connection to the Spotify server.

Yes it looks like that. Glad to hear it at least makes the app usable for you 🙂

Same issue here. Samsung Note 3 Kit Kat. Went thru the troubleshooting steps.. it wont allow me to delete the folder and the Offline/airplane mode didnt work either... 😞

@halloaaryn Can you try reinstalling spotify following these steps. If you still have problems, could you post details of exactly what happens, thanks.

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I got an update for spotify and now everything is working fine again!



Nexus 5


Thanks for solving this issue so fast!



Awesome - enjoy your music 🙂

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I got impatient and reformatted my sd card. That worked.

Version crashes for me (crash log sent). Nexus 5 / 4.4.2.




When does it crash? You get the "stopped working" error displayed?

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