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Horrible update [0.8.8]

Horrible update [0.8.8]

Since I updated my Spotify I can't listen to any of my music or use the search box ....Its been going on for a couple of days do anyone know what Spotify is doing to correct the situation
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Hi. Version 0.8.8 is an old desktop version. The current android version is so I'm a bit confused. Could you confirm what device you are using and the spotify version you are using (from the bottom of spotify settings). Please also describe in a bit more detail what is not working as it should.


If your issue is with the desktop client, you'll get more relevant help if you post over in the desktop section.

No I apologize for the typo I have a android and I updated my Spotify last
week it has not worked correctly since when I try to click on any of my
albums the app shuts down or if I try to use the search icon the app shuts
down....I tried uninstalling twice and no luck with that

Are you using a Left to Right language such as Hebrew by any chance or have you enabled left to right in the developer options?

No im not using any different kind of language it's not letting me pull up my current music when I click on a some or a album cover the whole Spotify shuts down or when I click on the search icon it shuts down

Oops - I meant "Right to left". I asked because the last update introduced a new bug which has been reported here. Maybe check that you haven't enabled Force Right to Left in android developer options. Otherwise, try a clean reinstall:

Uninstall spotify

Use a file manager to make sure there is no folder  "android/data/" in bot the internal storage and external SD. Delete if this exists then redownload spotify and see if it works properly.

I tried that still nothing I tried deleting it again ...I have a galaxy 4

Sorry, I'm at a loss then. Get in touch using the online contact form and someone at Spotify will help you get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly to speed things along.

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