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No Eq option on my Huawei p8 lite

No Eq option on my Huawei p8 lite

I switched from Samsung Galaxy to Huawei p8 lite and while I had the option to use the Eq on my Samsung I don't have that on my Huawei. Anyone else have the same problem or better yet a solution....

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This is usually because the customization of Android by the phone manufacturer removes the option for equalizer. LG does this on some of their phones, they state that it is necessary to ensure better quality music reproduction.


There are some 3rd party equalizer apps on the Google store that will work with Spotify.

I tried them on my LG G3, but found:

they only have 5 equalizer sliders maximum

little or no effect (mostly worse)

most bring pop-up adverts and other potential spy-ware vulnerabilities


Yes also don't have to option to access the equaliser on my Huawei p8 lite 2017

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