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Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Music controls in the notification shade and lock screen only work about half the time. The app has full notification permissions, and battery optimization is off.

Also, streaming to my Chromecast Audio cuts out often. Streaming from my desktop works fine.
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Same here. Latest android nougat. Doesn't work on any of my units.

LG V20 (Nougat) spotify doesn't have lock screen controls or respond to bluetooth.  Other music apps work fine.

Same on Nexus 6P Android 7.0:


  1. Lockscreen and pulldown applet issues: Skip doesn't work, but pause/play does.  Skip from bluetooth also stopped working.
  2. Sleep issues: While playing, the lockscreen and pulldown applet vanishes, but music continues playing.
  3. Turning off car bluetooth, or unplugging headphones, causes music to continue playing out phone speakers instead of stopping as it did before the update.

Following the directions to turn off battery optimization (Doze) helps for a time, but eventually the issues come back.  When it does, swiping the app closed and reopening is a workaround until an update is released.  This has been my experience, your mileage may vary.




Ugh, same here. Nexus 6p running nougat.

Bluetooth is also hosed. Can't control the app via Bluetooth and when it disconnects, the music plays via the phone speakers.

Disconnecting from the 3.5mm headphone jack also causes the music to keep playing out of the phone speakers.

@ypfrank69 did you read my original post? Battery optimization is off. Who the heck marked that as a solution?

Same problem here.
Has anyone reported this as a bug so we can get a software update?

Same here! Nexus 6p on nougat. Not battery optimized. I can also confirm the issues about not being able to control via bluetooth and that sometimes you will get music out of the phone speakers when you disconnect headphones. Not desirable, indeed.

Having the same issue. Battery optimisation set off. Can't control Spotify via Bluetooth half of time via my phone or Bluetooth speaker device. Usually no notifications for Spotify on lock screen or in notifications. Last, Spotify continues to play with Bluetooth is disconnected.

Seeing the same thing w/ 7.1 on my Pixel...

x2 -  Same exact issues for me.  Nexus 6p + 7.0


Sounds like this is related to an issue reported a few weeks ago (Spotify-disappeared-from-tray-lock-screen).  Has anyone confirmed rolling back as a resolution?

Yes, rolling back to 6.2 fixed it for me. Just remember to disable auto updates

Thanks. That serves as a temporary fix for me. Just make sure you get it safely. Some sites tried to download viruses

Oh yes of course, anybody else reading this should only get it from apkmirror or some other trustworthy site:

The ARM version worked for me, try the x86 if it doesn't work for you.


Also, if you want to be safe, you can disable apps from unknown sources after installing (you have to enable it to install).

Rolling back to version fixed the problem for me too. Has anyone already tried the new update Does the problem persist or did they fix it? 

I can confirm that this problem still exists in so stick with 6.2 for now.

I have android 6 and rhe same problems. The app updated last night and it's not fixed yet.
Tried to delete cache and the result is the same....It's really annoying since 2 updates before everything worked just fine

Updating to 6.5 fixed all problems for me.

Coming from Deezer the notification controls and lock screen controls were ALWAYS on from the moment you open the app. Since switching, I have had the same problems you guys are having now.


Rolling back to 6.2 has not solved even part of my problem. I still have to close and reopen the app. The notification controls and lock screen controls only turn on if I go into the app, play a song, press the home button, go to my notification bar and press pause for the controls to stay there.


If I were to go in the app and pause the song and then press the home button, the controls would disappear. Even just being on the app would turn the controls off unless you do the whole thing again. With Deezer, the moment I open the app, both controls would be there FOREVER until I close the app. Even while on the app, the controls were still there.


I wonder, how Deezer who has just close to 20 million users can do this yet Spotify with over 75 million users can't.


It is annoying. I use Spotify to play music in my car via Bluetooth. I would like it so that Spotify is the first thing I see when the phone is unlocked, and I can change the playlist or album right away.


I wish that their dev team would see this post but they probably won't because they are busy with other stuff or already fixing this (hopefully). If they didn't have such great playlists, I would have switched back to Deezer in a heartbeat.


TLDR; Rolling back to 6.2 did not fix the problem for me.

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