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Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Music controls in the notification shade and lock screen only work about half the time. The app has full notification permissions, and battery optimization is off.

Also, streaming to my Chromecast Audio cuts out often. Streaming from my desktop works fine.
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Same issues here on a Pixel and Android 7.1.

Additionally, music continues to play after answering a call, which is exceedingly annoying.

Rolling back to 6.2 is faultless for me. Works perfectly. In fact it's really a joy to use after the last two awful updates.

I'm on nexus 5x, android 7.

Update: turns out 6.5 did NOT fix the problem completely, it just happens less often now. So the only true fix continues to be downgrading to 6.2. Use, other websites can be sketchy.

Did you use ARM or x86?


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I used the ARM and still not working.

From a cyber security perspective, all websites for downloading apks are sketchy. To protect yourself and your device you should only install apps from the Google Play store, unless you understand procedures for independently verifying the integrity of the apk.

I jumped out of the Deezer train because the app was a buggy mess... Now Spotify is walking the same path. What's next?


Adding my +1 to this reported issue for a new Google Pixel on Android 7.1.

- Bluetooth issues (unable to control through Bluetooth)

- Controlling app in notifications does not work as well


I did the power optimization steps and this got my Spotify showing in the locked screen but still no control of it through Notification area.

Same here.. pixel, 7.1, really driving me up the wall not having this work..

This happens with Spotify on every major Android update--same problem here on my Pixel XL.

I downloaded the latest version of Spotify from the Play store this
morning. It's working almost 100%. Sometimes the forward and pause button
jam but at least it is always on lock screen. Will give it a couple reboots
to see if the other issue (buttons sticking on lock screen) goes away

Hello, I'm from Brazil, and here the only solution I found was to update the permissions of the application in the mobile settings. Go to "Settings> Applications> Spotify> Permissions" and grant all the permissions available to the application. Here it worked, the application returned to appear in the notifications bar, and I was able to control it with the screen locked. I hope it can solve your problems. ✌

Have a Google Pixel on 7.1 and have been having this issue until today when I noticed the notification and lock screen controls look completely different. No app updates or Android updates have been downloaded. See screenshots below:


Seems to be working fine now and my bluetooth controls in my car are working again!

I've been testing the permission resolution proposed by CarlosHenriqueG now for about a week, and have not been able to reproduce the issue.  Can we please get a few more people to test and report back?


Thanks Carlos!

Just updated to last version a few minutes ago and so far everything is sorted out...But still testing....

Reporting back that the latest update has resolved the notification and locked screen display issue. Using Pixel with Android 7.1


There is still some buginess with the screen refresh after disconnecting from the Bluetooth devices and sometimes it keeps playing after disconnecting. Ideally, the music should pause if there is a sudden interruption to the audio device.

Are the Bluetooth control issues fixed? I mean really fixed? If anyone has tried it more than 15 minutes and it still works please let me know.

I might just stick to 6.2 indefinitely since it seems the new versions either don't fix these bugs or introduce new ones.

Any bug might be fixed in an update, but....

That update will bring back old (previously 'fixed') bugs, and....

The now-fixed bug will be back in the future.


All common bugs (lock screen, resume playing when removing headphone plug, continue playing during incoming call, etc etc) have and will continue to make regular reappearances after being fixed.

Poor programmers leave bugs in apps.

But only the particularly clueless muppets employed by Spotify can keep reintroducing the same bugs over and over again.

Running the latest update on my Pixel for the past 2 days and so far everything has been fixed (lock screen/notifications bug, bluetooth controls and playing after disconnecting headphones).

Using Android 6.0.1 and it's ok so far. Nothing to complain about and it seems to be faster with more than 10Gb of synced music than before. Let's hope they don't screw next update.

I still have the same problem. No lockscreen control for spotify on my Huawei P9 Android Nougat.

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