Playing Local Files from Android


Playing Local Files from Android

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Hi, so I want to play the local files from my laptop on my Android device.


I know that to do this you have to make a playlist containing those songs. I have created the playlist. But when I want to play that playlist on my phone, it says 'Songs not Available' and I can't download the songs at all.


Before, there is this option on the desktop app, 'Available Offline'. I always have to tick that first before accessing the playlist on my phone. But now the option is gone, replaced by the 'Downloaded' option. I have ticked it, but still I can't play the music from my phone.


Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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What I have done to do this is:

1. In "local files", click the three white dots and choose "add to playlist".

2. After choosing my playlist go to my device and find the playlist.

3. On my device, in the playlist, press the white dots and choose "Save". A message will appear saying "Saved To Your Library" 

It should be saved into your library and you can listen to it on your device.

I hope this helped.


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I have tried it but the song is still marked unavailable. I can’t stream nor download it. This is so weird. This used to work just a month ago… but now can’t anymore.

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Hey @taigataiga,

Can you provide me with the Song Link and where your based.

As I'd like to carry out some checks for you 🙂