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Podcast restarting when I press pause

Podcast restarting when I press pause

I've been listening to old episodes of the podcast Gilmore Guys, and suddenly whenever I pause it, the podcast starts from the beginning of the episode and I have to work out where I left off. It didn't do it until this evening, and only seems to be happening with this podcast. Help! 

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This started happening to me as well about a month ago and it's driving me crazy. I tried fully clearing my spotify cache but no dice.  Hoping for a fix soon!


For clarity.  The issue typically occurs if I pause a podcast or song, my phone locks, and then I press play again.  Typically it would just resume wherever I left off but not it restarts the track instead.

I've been having this problem just recently while listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast and it is SUPER annoying! I hate having to try to find my place again! 

Same experience for me here. Spotify loses my playback place (I have a slightly less deterministric repro) whenever I do something out side the app. I'm running Spotify on an Android Galaxy S9+, and have not had issues prior to a few weeks ago. SUPER ANNOYING.

I've been experiencing this problem on the Spotify desktop application as well. I'm running version on Windows 10.

FYI, I submitted a support request with Spotify and they were unable to
identify the issue. They were able to fix it though (so far anyway) by:

1. Having me create a new Spotify account entirely
2. They then migrated all my playlists, likes\dislikes, and followers to
my new account
1. Apparently it's not possible to migrate play history isn't
possible so write down wherever you left off on any podcasts or whatever.

You could of course just create a new account and let the old one die as an
alternative but I wanted all my playlists and whatnot.

I'll update if the issue comes back so no one wastes their time going
through the process with Spotify support. It took me about 45 minutes via
chat to get this all done (including them investigating and testing a few
alternatives). There is no phone or email support contact that I could

I would maybe do that...but I'm on a family plan 😩 too much effort!

Bump to keep this thread active. I've been experiencing this same issue across devices for about a month now. I read a separate thread that recommended uninstalling Spotify and deleting files in AppData. This seemed to help - for about two days, and the issue started popping back up. This must be a known issue, as several threads are now live in the community. This is extrememly frustrating.

Circling back to my post so no one wastes their time. My issue is back
after having recreated my account entirely.

Same problem here on my Android pixel 2 XL since about a month ago...

I'm also having this problem on my mobile device. The issue arose immediately after updating to the most recent app version for Android. I had been using an older version for at least a year before updating, as I had auto-updates disabled. Had absolutely no issues with the older version, but podcast playback progress whenever it is paused for longer than 10 seconds on the new version.

It seems like a minor issue on the surface, but it's infuriating to need to skip through an hour long podcast to find where you left off. So much so that it's more convenient to download the raw mp3's and listen with a separate player.

I'm having this problem on the desktop version ( I will pause the podcast and it will stay paused, but revert to the very beginning.

**bleep** here. Is Spotify giving a **bleep**?

I'm having the same problem 😕 this just started today I was trying to listen to The Adventure Zone. I really hope this is fixed soon, I listen to podcasts through my shifts and have to pause often, having this happen would totally mess up my days 😞

I solved this annoyance by switching to Google Music.  The search is way better to boot. 

I also have this problem on Android, desktop, ...

Still no solution here?

I'm also having this issue. Recently switched from an iPhone to a Huawei P20 Pro (android) about two weeks ago. Thought it might have been an android issue. Podcasts are restarting after being paused for about 5 minutes then I hit play on my earbud. Super frustrating since I listen at work and it throws me off my groove.

I am also having this issue, for months. It would be nice if this got a reply from Spotify to at least indicate they are aware and investigating.


Hello, Spotify Support? Are you there?


Your paying customers would appreciate some answers. I understand that you may not have a solution yet, but I'd like to at least know you've got a ticket open in your bug tracker for this.

Mine just started doing it yesterday ONLY on my work computer desktop app, and so far only when listening to podcasts. 

Same issue. This is incredibly frustrating. I might switch to a different app for podcasts and cancle my paid subscription to Spotify. 

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