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Queue disappears

Queue disappears





Google Pixel 3a

Operating System

Android 11


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I don't quite understand how the queue is supposed to work.


Essentially, I expected to work like a playlist, where I can see all songs in the queue, and switch between them, with the ability to shuffle or play it as I built it/ordered it.


However, I notice that when I switch to a song that is lower down the list, I lose ALL the songs that come before that. I can't go back or restore the queue I was adding to. Does it mean I have to create a playlist every time I want to actually be able to switch between the songs and be able to keep them in my queue, or is it some kind of a setting, or a bug?


I've attached two screenshots to illustrate that once the song in the queue is played, or I've manually switched to a few songs down the list, all the previous songs are gone, and I can't get them back.

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Hi there!

I think that whenever you switch to a certain song in your queue, it acts the same as if it naturally skipped to the song, therefore erasing the songs before that.

If you want to skip to a song, but still have your previous songs, you will need to make a playlist. 

Hope this helps!

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