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[SOLVED PARTIALLY] Spotify downloads songs to internal memory instead of keeping on SD after reboot

[SOLVED PARTIALLY] Spotify downloads songs to internal memory instead of keeping on SD after reboot

Edit 25.07.2021:
Better workaround, but unfortunately it also needs root access like older below - you need to make Spotify backup via Titanium Backup app. After restarting phone you need to restore made a backup before and all songs will remain. Works all the time.

From time to time I make a new backup when I update Spotify app (hoping for that bug to be fixed or add new songs).

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Edit: 19.11.2019:
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Operating System

Android 7/8/9/10 (I am using custom Android systems but it does not matter in that case)


My Question or Issue

Hello, some time ago I set storage to my SD card, where I have downloaded over 1000 songs. Unfortunately I have noticed that every time, when I reboot my phone Spotify downloads immediately all songs again to internal memory and in the preferences the option is switched to Device storage.


As I noticed Spotify process launches immediately after PIN is inserted and before SD card is checked, so it 'thinks' that there isno SDcard and starts download tracks again. There should be a delay or possibility to disable auto-launch app on boot.


I have noticed that similar issues were posted in in the current and previous year but problem is still unresolved.

I noticed and tried are few workarounds like:
- mounting SD card as extended, internal storage (I cannot do it, I need SD card as external),
- enabling developers options and allow to install or move app on SD card (I have that option but I do not see possibility to move Spotify to SD card),
- disabling overall Spotify app at system boot (I cannot do this, disabling autoboot it via AppOps doesn't help, it still boots),

- modyfying app receivers (especially disabled broadcast receiver) - Spotify did not start, stuck at logo,

- disabling notifications - app does not start when I disabled "Spotify Music" notification.


Could you take a look on it? It's quite old issue, many people "voted" for it so as I think it should be fixed as soon as possible without combining. What if we are abroad and the phone will be discharged? Roaming might be really expensive.

With regards,

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This bug has been known for several years now, it not being fixed would be a disgrace even for a free service. I can't get my head around why this extremely annoying issue is simply closed every time it pops up, referencing some obscure work-around using a complete reinstall of the app or something similar.

I really don't WANT to switch to a competitor, but every time this happens (about once a month) makes it more likely...

Thanks for reply - exactly, I don't know what I can do more with that thing - I can't delete more apps in my internal memory (I'd removed all bloatware as I can with root access), migrating other apps to SD card is impossible on my Android system.


I prefer to keep Spotify cache on SD card - in case of changing phone or system to not download that large amount of files every time. It terribly destroys the lifespan of flash memory - both internal and SD card. Spotify team - can you finally take a look on it?


Or just add possibility to not auto-launch Spotify on system boot?

Spotify programmers seem to be busy on making the app completely impossible to use, like destroying the Library, removing the Widget...


This would imply an improvement in the way the app work, that is why they do not care. probably, this threat will be closed soon . XD

I have migrated to Android 10 and changed my SD Card to another one.


I've set download to SD Card, downloaded songs and restarted phone few hours later... The same. Spotify team - can you add just delay to detect SD card? Is it so difficult?

Hey spotify I'm so ready for you to crash and burn, this is pathetic. You really should feel badfor ruining such a decent application.


Electon app, pfft. All these bugs that make things actually unusable. Shame on you.


Hey @sdrakulich, you've written in right time. Just 2 hours ago I've found an app on PlayStore that helps with that issue. The app is called: Autostart and StaY!

After Installation I selected Spotify, delayed it for 3000ms after SD card mounting after reboot. Then I rebooted my phone... and downloaded songs remained 🙂

Unfortunately it requires root (admin) access for your phone what may be problematic (especially for users without proper knowledge), and often results with broken varranty. It's rather designed for experienced users because root access gives you great access to mainain your phone (delete unecessary apps), but if you use it wrong you can broke your system.


Without root you can only blame on Spotify. The same like me for months.

Hi @Atexor,

I tried your solution – I installed Autostart and StaY, selected Spotify and set it to start 3000ms after "ON MEDIA MOUNTED". However it still starts sooner. Did you do anything else? If not, does it still work on your end?


Hello, I found better workaround hovewer it still needs root access, but it works every time.


I made a Spotify app backup via app Titanium Backup (it doesn't make backups of songs, so it isn't take a lot of memory). After every reboot I open Titanium Backup and restore backup before launching Spotify. My songs all the time remains.


When Spotify download new songs (not all are available) or when I update Spotify app, I delete backup and make new one.


One time I completely wiped (formatted) my phone and restored Spotify backup on fresh, new system. Songs remained 🙂


Shame on Spotify for that bug, but I'm happy that I found easy (root) solution.

Haven't had the problem for quite a long while, is it just me or did they really fix this?

Without telling the people who brought this up obviously, because why should you react in any way to customer feedback...?

I just rebooted phone and tested it. Not works - Spotify still redownloads all the songs and I need to use root+Titanium Backup app.

Spotify devs, knock, knock?



I have the same problem music will not download to SDCard hust my phone and takes up all my memory

Hi @Mcmillanh!


Here's something you can try out to see if that does the trick:

  1. Uninstall the Spotify app by following the steps here.
  2. Remove your SD card from your phone, then restart the device and reinsert your SD card.
  3. Download and install Spotify again and configure the app's settings so that your music will be downloaded to your SD card. This can be done under Settings > Other > Storage.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.



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this didn't work

Hey @OutdoorsInTheRockies


Thanks for getting in touch about this here in the Community. 


Could you let us know which troubleshooting steps you've already tried? That way we can avoid repeating any steps. 


On another note, sending us the exact make/model, operating system and Spotify version of your device would come in handy. 


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Hello @Eni, 

PLEASE escalate this as it is a widespread issue that affects all devices which don't have the ability to delay boot until passcode is entered. (Basically all devices android 10+ and later as per Google's 2020 Q1 Android Security Mandate). 


I have (VERY frustratingly) been suffering from this issue along with thousands of others for the better part of 4 years. 


My personal device:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

North American (Snapdragon Chip not Exynos)  128GB with expandable storage of course. 

Latest Android OS as of October 14 2022. 

Latest Spotify version available via NA google play store as of October 14 2022. 


I work in the tech industry with access to a wide range of devices and can confirm this also happens on all 2019, 2020, 2021  and 2022 Motorola's, Samsung's and basically ANY other android phone that cannot use the (consumer sourced) workaround of "secure start/secure boot" method. SecureStart/Boot was discontinued as a feature for security reasons on android in 2020. 

This is an issue with Spotify and Android OS specifically revolving around the order of the sequence of events that takes place during the reboot/restart/power on of the smartphone. 


Please Eni, I sincerely beg you to get this seen by the right people in order to have this fixed. I've been a loyal Spotify user and advocate amongst my own social circles for 6 years now and at the very least for the thousands of customers like me who are left feeling abandoned and scared to reboot their phone in fear of having to redownload and then transfer 34GB+ of songs, every-single-time. 


I don't mean to sound dramatic but if smartphones had rights the way humans have basic rights, rebooting a device should be like a basic right for a smartphone. It shouldn't come with strings attached or severe complications such as this one that after so many years has left many of us to feel quite unappreciated by this organization. All due respect, please do the right thing and help us. 

Thank you, 

- Lucas 


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