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Searching for things in the Android Preview

Searching for things in the Android Preview

So I fancied listening to some chilled electronica to round off the evening - I searched for the artist Galaxy, but because there are at least five other artists with the word "galaxy" in their name, my Galaxy wasn't listed. I couldn't remember the name of any of their albums so I was stuck.


Anyone know how to view more than 5 search results under Artist (or indeed Album)? I tried artist:galaxy and "galaxy" and even artist:"galaxy" but these all yielded the same results.


My instinct was to press the green ARTISTS header for more, but that didn't do anyting.

2 Replies

Searching logic has always been a little weak. It really should prioritise exact matches rather than (at a guess) by popularity/play count partial matches.


Only way around this for now, if you only have your mobile device with you, is to use a website like to find the band you want and use that to find an album title which you can use to search in Spotify

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

This Spotify Idea is on removing the search results limit. Please vote on it so Spotify staff notice it.

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